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Learn how to read. Read easy a

Learn how to read. Read easy a

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"Learn to READ and WRITE"
✔ This app of how to learn to read and write is ideal for all ages, both for adults and children.

✔ Reading and writing learning is based on learning the words step by step, online mode.
The age to learn to read must be between 4 and 5 years. If you are an adult, you will have enough speech language before.

✔ How to read well older and children step by step words in a simple way.
The first thing to master to learn to read and write well is the alphabet, starting slowly and easily by the vowels and then the consonants.

✔ A good method is to teach through songs, since it is the method that works best.
Stop to look at the images with the smallest and oldest and name what you see in the images.

✔ You also have to answer the reader, all doubtful questions and solve your own problems. All this will be a good lesson to understand fast, free and easy.
When you start reading, read aloud to help children have confidence in their ability and enjoy learning new words. Help the most childish when reading is beginning, to develop more advanced ways of writing.

✔ Learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes or words, following the tutorials with basic lessons on how to learn to read quickly and easily with the tips of this app.
You can share the video tutorials to advance correctly in the learning of reading and writing online.

✔ This free application of how to read step by step and write from scratch, will give you the tips and techniques necessary for learning to read and write, easy.
Download this free online application with tips and techniques on how to learn to read, understand and write step by step, easy and fast!
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